About Us

Prepare – Execute – Prevail

We’re there when you need us most.

Headquartered in Boyce, LA, Blackout Power exists to reduce the economic and non-economic impact of major power disruption and insufficient access to fiber optic networks. Our mission is inspired by our felt need and responsibility to make our expertise and resources available to make life better for people.

Blackout Power was established in 2020 to harness the exceptional relationships we have established during the past 30 years with proven experts in storm response; overhead/underground distribution, transmission, and substation construction, maintenance and repair; and fiber optic construction and make-ready projects. With these relationships accessible across the country to supplement our internal resources, we are readily prepared to do what we do best—prepare, execute, and prevail—wherever and whenever our services are needed.

Operation Centers in 5 LOCATIONS

  • Georgia
  • Louisiana*
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas


Regional Leadership Contacts

Tom Hatala

Tom Hatala

Southeast / Northeast

 Jason Tacker

Jason Tacker

Midwest / South Central

Affiliated Companies

KEA Energy
JCL Power